Density Extensions

What is Density Extensions?

Our Density Hair Extension System can add as little as one singular strand of hair (up to 1000’s) to your own hair. Unlike traditional hair extensions!

This is suitable for men and women of all ages, that struggle every day, with fine and thinning hair. Density Extensions are extremely light weight, natural looking, super comfortable and versatile; solving many of the problems associated with hair loss, breakage and thinning hair.

Face Framing ie fringes and hairlines that just don’t grow or need thickening; Filling in the top and/or crown of your head, where the hair is too sparse, is exactly what Density Hair Extensions are designed to do.

With Density Hair Extensions, you are able to straighten, blow dry, colour and perm hair. The bonds are designed to divide naturally with brushing your hair, thus achieving a more natural look.

It’s time to regain your confidence!



For accurate pricing, it is essential to have a full consultation. This service is free with no obligation.

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