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I am a certified Clinical Trichologist, Scalp Micropigmentation Artisan (SMP) and Density Extensionist with over 30+ year’ s experience in the hair industry.

My passion for hair and scalp wellness has grown to offer the expertise and solutions on a creative, cosmetic and medical level. This experience has given me the in-depth understanding to provide an accurate diagnosis, treatment options and support in helping you regain your hair and scalp health…..and your peace of mind.

This total commitment to hair wellness is our foundation.


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We prefer that you do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours before your appointment. Shampooing can wash away some of the vital evidence needed for an accurate diagnosis of your concern.

Bring with you any herbal remedies, medication and shampoos etc, that you use on a regular basis and any current blood tests you may have, in particular your iron studies.


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